Snowshoe Mt. Rainier

Snowshoe Mt. Rainier This Year

When Winter descends upon Mt. Rainier, and it is a beautiful sight to see. You can’t imagine what it looks like when sixty+ inches of snow fall in just a couple of days, turning our beloved national park into a winter wonderland. You just have to see it for yourself. The perfect way to experience the winter season is to snowshoe Mt. Rainier.
Whether you are planning a romantic getaway

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Rubble Brownies Recipe

In The Kitchen: Rubble Brownies Recipe

Valentines Day is on its way and coming up with the perfect decadent treat to surprise your loved ones with can be a challenge. These decadent brownies will appeal to adults and kids alike. You are sure to inspire hugs and kisses when you whip these out for a surprise dessert.
Our Mt. Rainier cabins come with fully equipped kitchens that are perfect for baking! You can make them during your stay

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High Rock Lookout

Fall Hike Spotlight: High Rock Lookout

The South Cascades region is a hiker’s paradise, with hikes suitable for everyone from hardcore mountaineers to families with young children. While Mount Rainier National Park offers many great hiking options, the National Forest surrounding Ashford offers numerous trails for those seeking a hike-less-traveled, and for people interested in hiking with their canine pals (dogs are not allowed on trails in the Park).
Toward mid-fall, snow will blanket the higher

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Grove of the Patriarchs Footbridge

Featured Hike: Grove of the Patriarchs

Famous for its old-growth forest featuring thousand-year-old trees, the Grove of the Patriarchs is a must see for anyone visiting the Ohanapecosh area, located in the Southeast corner of Mount Rainier National Park. It’s a very easy hike, but definitely a memorable one that will feel you with enchantment.
The trail wanders alongside the Ohanapecosh River for a half mile before reaching its island destination – a small loop treating you to

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Paradise Inn at Mt Rainier

Visiting Paradise Inn at Mt. Rainier

Nestled in the heart of Paradise, the Paradise Inn at Mount Rainier is a destination that is well worth the visit. At an elevation of 5,420 feet, its unique location takes advantage of the breathtaking views of the Tatoosh mountain range, Mount Rainier, and the blossoming meadows of the Valley. It is also conveniently near the Jackson Visitor Center and numerous hiking trails.
Built in 1917, the Paradise Inn is

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Spring hikes are great for seeing the wildflowers

4 Gorgeous Spring Hikes at Mt. Rainier

Spring is one of our favorite seasons at Mt. Rainier. It’s splendid to watch the environment slowly transforming and everything turning green once again. If you have spent the winter months hibernating, it’s time to crawl out of your cave and enjoy the refreshing mountain air! One of the best ways to explore Mt. Rainier is by foot, and the mountain is lined with hundreds of miles of beautiful trails

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Mt. Rainier at Kautz Creek

Lowland Hikes at Mt. Rainier: Trail of Shadows & Rampart Ridge Trail

One of the best ways to experience Mt. Rainier is hiking. The park has many fantastic trails for all levels of hikers, so you can get out there and enjoy the fresh air and the beauty that is so abundant at Mt. Rainier. Some of our favorite hikes are the lowland hikes at Mt. Rainier, like the Trail of Shadows and Rampart Ridge Trails.
Earlier this month, I received the

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Bench and Snow Lake Hike at Mt. Rainier

Hiking at Mt. Rainier: Bench and Snow Lakes Hike

Bench and Snow Lakes hike is an easy and family-friendly hike with gradual ups and downs, that still has lots of great scenery that everyone can enjoy. This 2.5 mile hike offers beautiful lakes and an amazing view of Mount Rainier. The scenery along this trail changes depending on the season, so we recommend giving it a try in spring, summer and fall.
Though these lakes are located just off

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Jackson visitor center

The Henry M. Jackson Visitor Center at Paradise

Those of you planning a trip to Mount Rainier National Park have surely heard about Paradise. Famous for its beautiful meadows covered in wildflowers during the summer, Paradise is the most visited part of the park throughout the year. It’s also the location of the Mt. Rainier visitor center, the Henry M. Jackson Visitor Center.
Located at an elevation of 5,400 feet, the Jackson Visitor Center is one of the few park areas

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Mt Rainier views

Hike the Huts: Mt. Rainier Hikes That Will Leave You Breathless

Mt. Rainier has a lifetime’s worth of adventures waiting for travelers who love the outdoors and the Pacific Northwest. The National park is crisscrossed with an endless number of trails for hikers, bikers, snowshoers and skiers to explore and countless sights to take in. But what few may realize is some of the area’s most rewarding Mt. Rainier hikes lie outside of the park’s boundaries.
If you are

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