Pet-Friendly Trails In and Around Mt. Rainier

Sure, we’ve all been there before: you’re all set to go on a family vacation with your pet(s) only to find out that there are little to no pet-friendly activities to do in the area.
What a letdown.
Knowing that you love pets as much as we do, we find it critical to keep you privy to pet-friendly trails around Mt. Rainier. Let’s take a look at three pet-friendly

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Five Must-See Fall Hikes Around Mt. Rainier

There is no doubt that Fall is the time for hiking. As you start to make your exploration plans, consider the following five trails in and around Mt. Rainier.
1)  The Moraine Trail – Easy | Paradise Area
For reasons we’ve never understood this trail doesn’t get much attention, perhaps because trails with views of Mount Rainier take precedence for first-time visitors. For hikers seeking views of Mount Rainier without

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Mt. Rainier Railroad & Logging Museum Launches 2018 Excursions!

*** The Mount Rainier Railroad and Logging Museum announced on June 7th that it has suspended train passenger service and events through August 3rd due to the impacts on its parent company from the 416 Durango fire. Please visit the Mount Rainier Railroad website for more details. ***
Spring is here and with it comes an opportunity to experience the Mt. Rainier area from the seat of a steam train.

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May Activities and Events at Mt. Rainier

Make the Most of Spring with These May Activities
April and all of its snow and rain showers are starting to fade into the past.
May is on its way, and with its arrival comes a whole bunch of fun events and activities for visitors to the mountain to enjoy. If train rides through the wilderness, waterfall hikes, and a wine walks sound like the perfect way to take in

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Spend Mother’s Day at Mt. Rainier!

Moms work hard! They set aside many of the things they love to do—like hiking, traveling, and exploring—in order to make time for their family. This Mother’s Day you can give mom the gift of a lifetime with a trip to Mt. Rainier. The remote mountain area is perfect for frayed nerves. Far away from the hustle and bustle of city life, mom has the opportunity to tune into the

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The 12th Annual Rainier Independent Film Festival Comes to Mt. Rainier

Rainier Independent Film Festival Brings Art to the Mountain

photo: Rainier Independent Film via Facebook
For those who have visited Mt. Rainier, it likely comes as no surprise that the area is home to a renowned annual film festival. With stunning landscapes that transport visitors from the doldrums of their daily life to the vibrant setting of the wilderness landscape, the mountain is the perfect place to hold an

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A Guide to Spring at Mt. Rainier

There’s little debate about the beauty one encounters while exploring the Pacific Northwest during the spring months. Some might even say that Mt. Rainier is at its most stunning during the pre-summer months, and visitors from all over the world can find an endless number of activities and areas to explore as winter recedes.
If you are planning a trip to the mountain now that the weather is warming, consider

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Snowshoe Mt. Rainier

Snowshoe Mt. Rainier This Year

When Winter descends upon Mt. Rainier, and it is a beautiful sight to see. You can’t imagine what it looks like when sixty+ inches of snow fall in just a couple of days, turning our beloved national park into a winter wonderland. You just have to see it for yourself. The perfect way to experience the winter season is to snowshoe Mt. Rainier.
Whether you are planning a romantic getaway

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Rubble Brownies Recipe

In The Kitchen: Rubble Brownies Recipe

Valentines Day is on its way and coming up with the perfect decadent treat to surprise your loved ones with can be a challenge. These decadent brownies will appeal to adults and kids alike. You are sure to inspire hugs and kisses when you whip these out for a surprise dessert.
Our Mt. Rainier cabins come with fully equipped kitchens that are perfect for baking! You can make them during your stay

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High Rock Lookout

Fall Hike Spotlight: High Rock Lookout

The South Cascades region is a hiker’s paradise, with hikes suitable for everyone from hardcore mountaineers to families with young children. While Mount Rainier National Park offers many great hiking options, the National Forest surrounding Ashford offers numerous trails for those seeking a hike-less-traveled, and for people interested in hiking with their canine pals (dogs are not allowed on trails in the Park).
Toward mid-fall, snow will blanket the higher

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