Fun in the Sun at Mt. Rainier This Spring and Summer

With beautiful wildflowers, flowing waterfalls, and breathtaking glaciers, Mt. Rainier National Park is not only one of the most sought after wonders of Washington state, but also one of the nation’s most jaw-dropping treasures. With the Spring being a popular time to visit, Mt. Rainier has a lot to offer before the summer crowd takes over. Let’s take a look at four family-fun activities that you can partake in during the Spring of 2020 at Mt. Rainier.

GO Chasing Waterfalls

The waterfalls at Mt. Rainier are not awe-inspiring and entertaining, but also cathartic and therapeutic. Throughout the Spring, as the snow continues to melt higher up on the mountain, the waterfalls in the lower areas of the mountain are brought into the forefront. Just a simple drive to Paradise and a short walk away will allow you to see the incredible views of Christine Falls and Narada Falls. In addition, you can easily take a hike to Comet Falls or follow Paradise River Trail to see more of Carter and Madcap Falls.

Reminder: Don’t forget to bring your phone or camera. You’re going to want to capture these amazing moments!

Gone Hiking

The Longmire to Paradise section in the southwest entrance area of Mt. Rainier is an entertaining amalgamation of strenuous and relaxing hiking along with a series of breathtaking waterfalls (Carter, Madcap, and Narada) for amazing views.

Here, you’ll be able to park in the Longmire Information Center parking lot with clean toilets and walk over to the Wonderland Trail sign close to the museum. As you head east, you’ll be under a beautiful canopy for a mile or two before coming out to a lookout over the Nisqually River.

Engage with Local Wildlife

Along the Northwest Trek, which is a private animal park located in Eatonville on the way to the mountain, you’ll have a myriad of wildlife encounters. This 725-acre wildlife park amidst the forests near Mt. Rainier boasts bison and otters among many other captivating animals. The trails in this area are home to more than 200 North American animals from 30 different species. This is something you won’t want to miss. 

Become a Junior Ranger

Feel free to swing by either Longmire or Paradise visitor center to pick up a Junior Ranger Activity Book. With these, children can select activities and experiences based on their age. At the completion of each event, kids are awarded with a badge and certificate.

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