Want to know what to bring? We make every effort to ensure that our guests feel right at home during their Mt. Rainier vacation! Our cabins are fully furnished with everything you will need for a comfortable stay, but you may want to bring a few additional items depending on what you plan to do during your visit to our mountain retreats.

FOOD: Our kitchens are fully-stocked for meal preparation, including cooking oil and spices. You will need to bring food and beverages, including condiments, and storage items such as ziploc bags and tupperware containers for leftover food.

ALCOHOL: There is no liquor store in the area, but the Ashford Valley Grocery (a gas station/convenience store on your right just after entering Ashford) sells beer and a small selection of wines.

TOILETRIES: You will need to provide all of your toiletries including toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, shampoo, feminine products, etc. All cabins have hand soap and hair dryers.

HOT TUB TOWELS: Please bring your own towels for the hot tub, as we ask that you do not take the cabin’s bath towels outdoors. You may want to bring your bathrobe and slip-on shoes for walking to and from the hot tub.

FIREWOOD: We supply firewood for our cabins with indoor wood burning stoves or fireplaces. If you would like to enjoy the outdoor fire pit at any of our cabins, however, you’ll need to pick up firewood. You can purchase bundles at the Ashford Valley Grocery on the way into Ashford for approximately $5 per bundle. The Gateway Inn right next to the National Park entrance also carries firewood if you’d like to pick some up on your way in or out of the Park.

MOUNTAINEERING & SNOW SPORTS EQUIPMENTWhittaker Mountaineering in Ashford rents and sells climbing/hiking gear, snow sports equipment, and sleds and tubes.